Lineup CD 2017:


Sandro Giampietro / lead vocals, guitars


Kai Stringer / guitars


Benedikt Zimniak / bass guitar


Alex Landenburg / drums


Shootingstar power metal band Starchild hits the metal world


The new Band is cast with high class musicians of the German metal scene and right after the first announcement of the new band with it's SciFi video to their Song "Starchild" in Februrary 2014 they made it on the front page of the online "Rollingstone" magazine within a few days and their Song "Visions" made it in May on the "Maximum Metal" CD of the german magazine "Metal Hammer".


In July 2014 Starchild is going to hit the legendary "Wacken Open Air" / Germany with their first album!


And in Fall 2014 the Group will be opening act on the tour of the german chart breaker Edguy.


In January 2013 the Starchild startet to record their debut album which includes an extra charity duet of Michael Kiske and Sandro for cancer aid. In May 2014 the debut "Starchild" was released and Only e few months later - in July 2014


The name Starchild is inspired by the Mexican Starchild skull wich origin seems half human and half Alien.


The media about Starchild:


"Located in the Melodic-Metal-Range Starchild shuttles between Iron Maiden and Edguy: The reason for this is Sandros voice wich is performed with lot of expression between Bruce Dickinson and Tobias Sammet."


Rock Garage:


"On the level Melodic Power Metal with the spirit of Helloween & Co" "Earwigs everywhere. The continuos quality is scary."


Metal Hammer:


"Starchild shows his Singer and Guitar player Sandro with his metal roots.He made Experiences here: He wrote songs for Michael Kiskes band Unisonic and others. No surprise that Starchild sounds in the direction of melodic power metal like Helloween. The Guitars are fast and do choose the harmonic path. There a are symphonic parts and lots of high lead vocals - also from Michael Kiske himself who is returning a favor for a Duell with Sandro on the charity Duett."


Despite being very fresh and new to the power metal scene, Wacken 2014 will play host to a futuristic-melodic metal flourishing set from the band known as Starchild. Possessing dense similarities to Iron Maiden and influences of power metal circa Kamelot, Starchild are certainly limitless when it comes to inspiration. Did you know they also have a violin player? Did you also know that their debut album also features Michael Kiske, formerly of Helloween? Well now you know. - "